The Synagogue

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  1. Steven Adogo says:

    I need to know about the history of the synagogue(Nairobi)

    • nhc2010 says:

      We have a history of the synagogue available for US dollars 50 or the equivalent of ksh 4500/- please send a cheque made payable to the nairobi hebrew congregation for the same amount and we will arrange for collection. Our postal address is on the site.

  2. Ellen Stein says:

    Just returned home from an incredible East African safari and had a day in Nairobi to await our flight home. Our tour guide overheard one of us talking about visiting synagogues wherever we travel. He took us to The Nairobi Synagogue where we were met by three very friendly guards. Our guide told us about their background which would have made anyone with any other plan but to visit our universal place of worship an unheard of thought! The African “paratrooper” as our guide called him was wonderful and took us in to visit. He spoke so proudly of the shul and his membership in it. I see now (on your website) that we needed to give you prior notice (which was something I never even thought about because I didn’t assume there would be any Jews in East Africa) to visit. The gentleman explained the same history I learned about on your website.

    I wish your luck in your continued efforts to keep Judaism alive around the world!

  3. Victor says:

    I’d like to know what it takes to convert to Judaism. Your assistance is highly appreciated.

  4. kate says:

    I am so dissappointed to learn that the nai synagogue only allows israeli jews much so that it feels like racism.Everything from the reception at the gate all the way is so unwelcoming.So disheartening yet our good G-d commands you not to do it to the sujourner coz only He alone knows the heart of such a person.

    Any other non israeli sharing the same opinion?

    • nhc2010 says:

      Kate the congregation is split half Israeli and half not. Your racist comments are therefore misguided and inacccurate. Entry to the synagogue is strictly control due to the authorities advising us of the potential for terrorist attacks.

  5. Johnam says:

    Am Johnam, and am interested in joining jewish synagogue.

  6. Ezra Chesiboi Tanui says:

    I’m a Kenyan, I’m interested in Joining you. I’ve learn a lot on literature and I feel u should be part of you. Would I be able to join, and if yes, what are the procedures. Thanks.

  7. Sholem Carr says:

    Chazak v’ematz!
    I had no idea that there was a kehilla in Kenya.
    I found your website purely by accident… Being originally from the UK and having grown-up in South Africa I was reading about remote kehillot.
    How many Jews live in Nairobi? How do you manage there with mitzvos like Bris Mila, matzos, 4 species etc…

    Moadim lsimcha and kol tuv
    R’ Sholem Carr

  8. Hawwah Rumbidzai says:

    Is. It. Messianic?

  9. Osoro says:

    Currently in partnership with Jews in Israel,South Africa,Montenegro and America formed “NGO Likud Kenya” and i could love to visit the synagogue plus familiarise with Jewish Community in Kenya,please advise

  10. Winner Zyppora Batya Mwagiru says:

    I would love to be taught the book of Esther. It been my passion to be able to do so. My friends who lived in the same compound with a RABBI opposite Windsor Hotel had spoken to them about it.
    I will greatly appreciate.

  11. Phoenix Redhawk says:

    I will be visiting Nairobi in the next week. If it is possible I would love to attend any services for Rosh Hashonah. I’m not 100% positive I can get tho the synogogue – it depends on the family I am staying with. Thank you.(p.s. I am a great grandaughter of Akiva Eiger, and this opportunity would be a “coming home” for me)

  12. Austine Lewtory says:

    Can someone please help i have questions

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