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We hope to meet you on an upcoming Shabbat, a Jewish Holiday, or during a stop over in Kenya.

(Please note we do start on time, so if you plan on joining our minyan we appreciate punctuality.)

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Rabbi Netanel Kaszovitz

Rabbi Netanel is our current in house Rav at NHC. He has received his semicha from Ohr Torah Stone at Yeshivat Hamivtar in Israel. He also has a BA in psychology and education with experience in informal education.

Dr. David Silverstein

Dr. David Silverstein, an American cardiologist, came to Kenya in 1974 and has served on the Council ever since. He is currently serving as the community’s Rosh Kehilla. Dr. Silverstein is dedicated to maintaining an orthodox community mindful of Halacha that is also broadly inclusive and sensitive to the culture of Kenya. Dr. Silverstein is married to Channa Commanday and they have four sons, all born and bar mitzvah’d in Kenya.

Avital Kaszovitz

Avital Kaszovitz serves as our director of educational and social programming at NHC. She is married to Rabbi Netanel Kaszovitz and serves as the Rabbanit and Balanit as well.

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