History in Pictures

4 Responses to History in Pictures

  1. Stephen Hirsch says:

    I’m coming to Nairobi in about 2 weeks for a 3 week visit. I live in Reno, Nevada and am a member of Temple Emanu-El, a conservative shul here in Reno. My wife, Judy Hirsch, is the president of out Temple.I would like to visit the Nairobi Hebrew Congregation for a Friday evening or Saturday morning service and will complete the security application in due course. If there are any further considerations, please let me know.

    Thank you very much and I look forward to meeting the members of the National Hebrew Congregation.

    Stephen Hirsch

  2. Donna Richburg says:

    Shalom my name is Donna Richburg and I am planning to move to kenya. I am looking for a temple. Do you do conversion? Also, what type of congregation orthodox or conservative sefardic or hacidic

    We are an Orthodox community and the services are a mixture of ashekanzi and sephardi.
    We are the only synagogue in Kenya.

  3. Dr. Stower says:

    David Stower on 5th April, 2021
    Vaizman Aharoni is a brilliant engineer and a lovely and jolly person!

  4. Rabbi Moshe Mirkin says:

    To Whom it May concern
    I hope to be traveling to Kenya to check some factories for kashrus on behalf of the South African Beis Din. Please could you advise me about safety or anything else you feel relevant. I would also like to visit your shul and visit your community. I presume you are Orthodox and am so enquiring if you have any minyonim during the week. I will probably not be staying for Shabbos.

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