Welcome to the Nairobi Hebrew Congregation.

We hope to meet you on an upcoming Shabbat, a Jewish Holiday, or during a stop over in Kenya.

Friday Night Services always begin at 6:30 PM.

Saturday Morning Services always begin at 8:30 AM (Please note we do start on time, so if you plan on joining our minyan we appreciate punctuality.) *** If you plan to visit us, click below to fill in our online security clearance form at least 24 hours beforehand. NHC Visitor letter and security application On behalf of the Nairobi Hebrew Congregation, we look forward to meeting you soon. Safe travels to Kenya!

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2 Responses to Welcome to the Nairobi Hebrew Congregation.

  1. Mwai kiragu says:

    I am kenya born,not converted but one of candidate for conversion

    I regret that we do not have a framework for conversion.

  2. nhc2010 says:

    Unfortunately there is no way of converting to Judaism in Kenya. You need to live somewhere with a Rabbi and strong jewish community.

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